Terms of Use

Please understand that I have made a substantial investment of my time and monies to be able to acquire and render the music I provide.  In order to protect what I have created, and to prevent others from making money off of my labor and capital outlay, I must ensure that what I provide to you is not used for any commercial purpose nor in such a manner as to eliminate any possible market I might generate for the material offered at my site.  Accordingly, I have some very restrictive terms which define the way you may or may not use what I provide to you.  If you are a musician who simply wants to play the piece for your own enjoyment with other musicians, then these terms should not pose any burden to you.  I am not giving you the right to distribute what I provide because I need to develop a clientele and gauge what demand, if any, there might be for certain types of music.  In order to do so, I need to know who is using the music and therefore keep track of who has obtained what.  If you were to transfer a copy of what I provide you to someone else, I would not learn about it, nor would I be able to assure that what is provided is consistent with the quality I try to maintain.  I therefore reserve all rights of distribution; you may not distribute what I provide you.

Although the underlying content of most of what I provide (I will be providing some original music of which there is no public dedication) has already entered the public domain (e.g., Beethoven's symphonies), my digital and hard copy renditions thereof are a result of a labor intensive process, as well as a very sophisticated digital processing paradigm which creates an edition superior to the original, has corrections, and enhancements to provide the best possible music experience.  Accordingly, what I have created is copyright and is not dedicated to the public domain. 

Personal Use. The digital content provided by Editions Poole to you is for your personal use only in order to allow you, and one or more pianists as may be required by the format of the music, to perform the music thereunder.  You may not give, sell, assign, or otherwise transfer such digital content or derivations thereof.  You may not create derived works, such as MIDI files, screen shots without prior written permission. The rights to the underlying content which are not in the public domain thereunder remains the sole property of Editions Poole.

Print Out.  You may print one copy of music for your personal use.  You may also make one photostatic or Xerox brand copy of the copy printed from your computer's printer as a practice copy so you can have a clean copy and a copy with all your fingering and cues.

Digital Files.  The binary files ("files"), including, but not limited to, *.djvu, *.pdf, *.tif, provided to you may be kept on your computer for 30 days solely for the purpose of allowing you to make a hard copy print out as described herein.  30 days after you download the files, they must be deleted in full.  You may not keep the files on a server or back up disk.  You may not combine part or all of the files into an archive.  You may not transfer the files or otherwise copy the files from your computer. You may not display the files and capture the images therein and/or transfer such images to other software or files.

California Law and the laws of the United States of America govern this agreement and this agreement is entered into within the County of San Napa, State of California.  In the event of any conflict of laws, you agree that the laws of California and then the laws of the United States shall be the sole controlling law.

You warrant that you are over the age of 18.