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To access the editions available to "Registered Users", or "Customers" if you have purchased music from me, you will need to identify yourself by registering and will need to execute a contract defining the manner in which you may use what you obtain.  If you do want to make any commitments, or want to use an pseudo name, alias, or otherwise obscure your real identity, you need not apply; you may continue to maintain your privacy and enjoy the limited offerings I make available that do not require registration.  However, if I am going to grant you access to certain free music, then I must know who you are, how I can contact you, and feel comfortable that you will abide by the limitations I place thereon and that you agree to.

Please note that your residency may affect what you may view/order due to variances in copyright law among countries.  Most of my editions are derived from works that have fallen into the public domain (I then edit and enhance them and assert copyright over my portion); however, the legal conclusion of what is out of copyright can depend upon which country the analysis is made for.  For example, what may have fallen into the public domain in the United States may still be under copyright in Germany.  Consequently, this website is designed to take into account your residence and to provide only those works which may legitimately be offered within your country.

After you submit the information below, an email setting forth the terms of your use will be sent to the email address your provide below.  The email must then be returned acknowledging your acceptance of the Terms of Use (for content made available to you in digitized form) by you before your registration is considered.  I will also ask you to tell me something about yourself, particularly concerning piano playing. It is more rewarding for me to offer this content if I know it's touching someone.  Please allow 2-3 working days for processing.  By granting you access, I am extending to you a certain amount of trust, and I can only do that if I know who you are and that you will not abuse the privilege.

If you have previously attempted to register, your attempt to register for a second time will be ignored.  If you never received the email containing the Terms of User or you were registered and have misplaced your username/password, then contact me here providing your first name, last name, and email address.

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1) your email, i.e. "" must match the domain through which you are connected. For example if you are connected through and provide an email to; the registration will be not be processed.  If I know you, or you are vouched for by someone I know, or you are associated with an institution such as a university, public entity, or legitimate business, then I'll register you with an email that varies from your connection domain.

2) If your connection domain is not verifiable through Domain Name Service ("DNS"), registration may not be processed.  This is a very technical point and you probably do not know if your connection domain is registered.  I will know and consequently will advise you of this fact should the problem arise and I feel it necessary to make further inquiry.

3) I do not accept registrations from individuals residing in countries which do not recognize and give full force and effect of United States copyright.

After receipt of your information, your acceptance to the Terms of Use, verification of your identity, and my arbitrary decision that I can rely on your promise to use the content in the manner you are agreeing to, you may be provided a username and password.  After you click submit below, and email containing the Terms of Use will instantly be generated and sent to you. 

Foreign Countries

Please be aware that most of my content is unavailable to users in foreign countries who have generous copyright protection.  This is particularly true for Europe where copyright is often life plus seventy-five years.  I basically perform an analysis for each work for each country, and such an effort is a low priority.    If I determined that works of Godowsky had fallen into the public domain in Italy, then I would activate downloading for users from Italy (actually, Godowsky's works probably are still in copyright in Italy).  My policy is to disallow downloading until I am confident the underlying source of my editions has fallen into the public domain within that country.

Also, I do not offer any works for download into 1) Mexico given the complexity of copyright law in Mexico and the uncertainty of the rule of law there and 2) China given their lack of copyright protection to works created in the United States.

Individual Privacy Policy

The information you have provided will be treated as confidential and not be given, sold, used, or otherwise made available to any other person or organization outside of John Poole or Editions Poole.  

Last updated October 26, 2015