Making available ensemble piano music hereto forgotten



Editions Poole will be resuming business October 2016

Editions Poole offers a fine selection of piano ensemble repertoire, specializing in transcriptions and eight hand piano music.  Much of the well-known symphonic works of the classical music masters, for example, Beethoven and Brahms, has been transcribed for piano offering pianists the ability to first-hand experience the rich panoply of classical music.  Nearly all of the popular major symphonic works await the eager sight-reader.

My editions are derived from works which have lapsed into the public domain within the United States and may not be found anywhere except in private collections or libraries.  I offer music which is unknown to pianists today because it simply is not available and has not been offered for sale since the 1800s and early 20th Century; moreover, I offer some of the standard transcriptions for free download.  I make available in high quality performance-ready editions that which has hereto been lost to antiquity or otherwise reasonably available.  I employ state of the art technology to provide you digital editions that are the finest quality that can be reasonably deployed over the Internet. 

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The description of various piano ensembles has not been standardized. Here are the more common terms describing the variety of piano ensemble:

Description Pianos Hands Aliases Foreign Language
Solo 1 2 Piano
Piano solo
Piano 2 hands
Seule (F)
Piano à 2 mains (F)
Klavier zwei  händen (D)
Duet 1 4 Piano Four Hands
Piano 4 hands
4 Hand Piano
4 Hands
Klavier vier händen (D)
Klavier zu 4 händen (D)
Vier händen (D)
Pianoforte zu vier händen (D)
Piano zu 4 händen (D)
Clavier zu vier händen (D)
Clavierauszug zu vier händen (D)
à quatre mains (F)
Two Piano Four Hands 2 4 Two Piano
Two Pianos
Two Pianos Four Hands
Two Pianos - Four Hands
2 Piano
2 Piano 4 hands
2 Pianos - 4 hands
Zwei klaviere (D)
Zwei klaviere vier händen
Deux pianos (F)
Deux pianos
à quatre mains (F)
2 Pianos 4 Mains (F)
Two Piano Eight Hands 2 8 2 Piano 8 hands
2 Pianos - 8 hands
Two Pianos Eight Hands
Two Pianos - Eight Hands
Eight Hands
Eight Hand Piano
Piano Quartet
Deux piano à huit mains (F)
2 piano
à 8 mains (F)
Zwei klaviere acht händen
acht händen (D)
zwei Klaviere zu acht Händen (D)
2 Pianos zu 8 Händen (D)
Zwei Pianos zu 8 Händen (D)
zwei Pianofortes zu acht Händen (D)
Key: French/Français = F, German/Deutsch = D

Last updated September 15, 2015